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Metaphysical Healing

At Clinical Hypnosis and Healing Arts For Women, Emily is both a metaphysical practitioner, clinical hypnotist, and board-certified Nurse Practitioner. For this reason, Emily is equipped to set the most holistic stage possible. This allows the client to be fully cooperative in their own healing process so that the perfect laws of nature contained within their subconscious mind can do the actual metaphysical healing. 


What is a Professional Metaphysical Practitioner? 

A professional Metaphysical Practitioner is a person who has received the necessary training through a religious organization to practice spiritual mind healing of various conditions. They have an intellectual understanding of metaphysics and are able to help guide the client to raise the level of their own subconscious mind and understanding of their condition. 

Emily received her training as a member of the metaphysical clergy from The University of Sedona. A metaphysical practitioner is one who has undergone training specific to that which lies between the tangible and the ethereal. As a Nurse Practitioner with additional training in metaphysics, Emily is able to help her clients trace and understand the origins of their maladies.

What is used in Metaphysical Treatment?

During your Metaphysical Treatment at Clinical Hypnosis and Healing Arts For Women, prayer can be used, but not in the traditional or orthodox understanding of prayer. Light trance hypnosis and meditation can also be used together between the client and their metaphysical provider.

Through prayer treatments, guided meditation treatments, energy healing through gentle touch or even from a distance, affirmation treatments, and conversations about ancestral patterns of trauma, survival, forgiveness, and release, the client begins a transformative journey of self discovery, enlightenment, and holistic wellbeing.

Can Medical Treatment be used when treating a physical condition?

Absolutely! In fact, we believe medical treatment is an individual choice and that oftentimes, the best treatment is to incorporate both methods, so that treatments may compliment one another. Here at Clinical Hypnosis Healing Arts For Women, our belief is that medical treatment alone does not in itself, heal. Surgery and drugs have their places, and they can be powerful tools in setting the stage for Natural Healing Forces and The Perfect Laws of Nature to aid in the body healing itself.

Metaphysical treatments do not take the place of medication, surgery, psychotherapy, or any other Western treatment modalities. In fact, metaphysical treatments aim to work together in perfect harmony with other treatment modalities exemplifying a true potent catalyst to take place towards healing.

Medical treatments and metaphysical treatments are not in conflict here, at Clinical Hypnosis And Healing Arts For Women we will do everything we can to help you synthesize your own inner tools for healing…whatever that may look like for you.

Metaphysical treatments are excellent choices for those suffering from chronic or terminal illness, unresolved spiritual pain or trauma of any kind, previous birth traumas of self or ancestors, those stuck in poor patterns of coping, or anyone else who could benefit from an extra bit of intuitive guidance and spiritual healing.

Schedule your complimentary one on one 30 minute phone consultation with Emily today!

"At Clinical Hypnosis & Healing Arts For Women, I value the uniqueness of all my clients. This is why your individual journey is nurtured and embraced with a personable approach and quality care. As a woman I know how important it is to feel comfortable with your health practitioner.


With this in mind, I cap the amount of clients on my roster so that you only ever receive the distinguished care you deserve. For this reason, I require all potential new patients to fill out a brief form. This allows both parties to ascertain our compatibility, and determine if Clinical Hypnosis Healing Arts For Women is the right healing path for you. I personally read each form, your information is never stored in a large database for various personnel to access. Upon assessment and availability, I will reach out to schedule your free 30-minute consultation call where we will discuss the right treatment plan for you.


Your healing journey is sacred - let's get started on deeper healing."


- Emily Medley, Founder and Owner

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