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Hello, dear friends. While Clinical Hypnosis and Healing Arts For Women in Houston is still in its infancy, and I’m navigating through the excitement of grand openings and social media marketing, there’s something more pressing on my heart that I feel compelled to address. Today, I want to divert our attention from the usual chatter and focus on something that demands our collective thoughts and intentions—the recent war in The Middle East.

I'm no expert on global politics or warfare, but I recognize suffering when I see it. In times like these, it's crucial to pause, shift our focus, and direct our intentions toward those who desperately need it. If, like me, you're grappling with feelings of powerlessness, remember, you're never truly powerless. The energy we attach to a situation can change everything.

Consider the telepathic power of human beings, particularly the psychic and telepathic abilities of women. This energetic power, if harnessed, could be more potent than any army or weapon. It's like a metaphysical Butterfly effect—a concept rooted in Chaos Theory, suggesting that small actions can have far-reaching consequences.

Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Nietzsche's idea of "eternal recurrence," and cyclical views of time in Hinduism and Buddhism further emphasize the interconnectedness of everything. So, is it too far-fetched to believe that our intentions, even retroactively, can influence events?

And remember, Christians, that the true nature of God as described Biblically is one of today, tomorrow, and yesterday, so is it not safe to say that the loving presence of God can be present and even retroactively invoked, even for events that have already occurred?

The notion that our energy and intention can send vibrational frequency into another's biofield is the essence of metaphysical treatments. Retroactive prayer and Tonglen meditation are powerful practices to cultivate empathy, compassion, and interconnectedness, contributing to healing on personal and collective levels.

Through the power of intention and energy, we can focus on healing war-torn hearts by creating a positive impact on a collective level, even during events that are out of our control. So, let's explore how we can extend our love and compassion retroactively now to our brothers and sisters in The Middle East.

Explanation of Retroactive Prayer: Retroactive prayer is a practice that taps into the timeless essence of God, energy, and consciousness. It involves visualizing God and ourselves sending healing energies back in time to those who've experienced pain and loss. In the context of the Israel-Palestine war, it focuses on civilians who tragically lost their lives. I first embraced retroactive prayer in my twenties when I learned of a young, gay boy who suffered a heinous crime. I prayed that God would shield him from pain, induce a retroactive anesthesia effect, and mute his fear during that traumatic moment. This prayer can be as simple as asking God to retroactively comfort or hold that person.

Introducing Tonglen Meditation: Tonglen meditation, rooted in Tibetan Buddhism, is a powerful and compassionate technique for retroactive healing. It involves channeling love, compassion, and healing energy toward others, embodying the essence of 'giving and receiving.' Here's a step-by-step guide to practicing Tonglen meditation: 1. Sit in a quiet, comfortable space, intending to offer retroactive comfort and healing to war victims. Light a candle if you like as you envision a single person or a group, and say, "My intention is for you." 2. Center yourself with deep breaths, acknowledging passing thoughts like clouds in meditation. Don't dwell on the "monkey mind"; instead, return to your intention and breath.

3. Begin by focusing on your own breath, observing the natural rhythm of your inhalations and exhalations.

4. Establish calmness, then focus on someone suffering. Visualize details of their experience, such as scents, sounds, and sensations related to war.

5. As you inhale, visualize absorbing their suffering, pain, or negative emotions. Inhale deeply, embracing their experience, whether it feels like knives, heartbreak, or fear. Let your heart open, filling with the imagined sensations of their suffering, creating a profound energetic connection.

This act of inhaling another human’s suffering is one of the most selfless meditation practices in the world. To allow someone else’s pain to enter your body as your own breath has a profound energetic connecting effect.

6. As you exhale, envision sending waves of compassion, love, and healing energy. Picture your breath carrying light, providing comfort, and if the person has passed, imagine holding their hands or sending your spirit to be with them. Visualize a warm, healing light or a transparent version of your spirit connecting with theirs, offering words of comfort and presence in their time of need. The likelihood is that whoever you are envisioning retroactively feels your compassionate presence through this type of meditation. 7. As you grow more comfortable, extend your focus globally, embracing collective suffering. Include all affected—families, friends, and communities. Extend healing intentions to encompass all connected to this tragedy. Envision holding Earth with love and peace. 8. Remember to be gentle with yourself and not to overwhelm your own well-being. If you start feeling overwhelmed, pause for a moment, return to focusing on your breath, and then continue when you're ready.

10. Repeat and maintain. Regular Tonglen meditation enhances your ability to radiate retroactive healing energy. Recognize that hurting individuals often hurt others the most, and those are the very ones who need our healing and compassion.

This meditation, is, indeed, a selfless act.

Finally, as you conclude your meditation, take a moment to reflect on the interconnectedness of all beings and the potential impact of your compassionate intentions. As women channel energy into healing, we profoundly influence the world's vibrational frequency. Through retroactive prayer and meditation, we create a comforting ripple effect for those in pain. Today, let's extend love beyond time and space, bringing solace to all affected by the recent tragic war outbreak. Remember, like the butterfly effect, every act of kindness and intention has a profound impact on a collective level.

So, make yours a powerful flap.




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