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Clinical Hypnosis &
Healing Arts For Women

Are you ready for a deeper healing?

Emily Medley Founder & Owner of Clinical Hypnosis & Healing Arts For Women

About Us

Clinical Hypnosis and Healing Arts for Women is a Woman owned and operated sanctuary nestled near the beautiful downtown Houston skyline.


Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of Western modern medicine and ancient Eastern wisdom that permeates the philosophy of our center. As we embark together on your transformative healing journey, we offer an array of empowering therapies, including traditional medical and prescriptive services, clinical hypnosis, metaphysical treatments, Reiki, and various other energy healing practices.


Gone are the days when patients are seen in hurried clinic visits under bright fluorescent lights, led by decision-makers in white coats who determine what is best for the patient. At our healing arts center, women are not treated as patients; they are treated as valued clients and cherished friends, with shared decision-making and patient autonomy being core to our philosophy. We are currently accepting new clients, and we offer in-person appointments, house calls on a case-by-case basis, and telehealth services.


Regardless of where you are on your own journey, our healing arts center is a nurturing, supportive, and informative environment that is open to all women seeking solace, support, and renewal.


Come remember your own inner voice, your own inner strength, and discover the extraordinary healing power that lies within you.


- Emily Medley FNP-C - Founder

"All women have the answers to their own healing within them"
- Emily Medley, Founder & Owner

Our Philosophy

Our Treatments

Note: When applicable, traditional Western medicine services are provided by Emily Medley, FNP-C under the auspices of Noel C. Boyd, M.D., P.A., Collaborating Physician. All other non-medical services are provided by Clinical Hypnosis & Healing Arts for Women, LLC

What Our Clients Say

I have been dealing with grief because of losing a family member. I could not give it a place even with professional help. Then I met Emily, and she was very thorough with the process of guiding me. I felt very comfortable and at ease while she was taking me through the session. She had the right tools throughout the process. The patience Emily had during the session made it possible to connect with her and build a strong rapport. Emily has helped me accomplish so much, she is a humble soul and I admire her.


My hypnotherapy sessions focused on body positivity and self-esteem.  I felt welcomed and comfortable from the moment I stepped inside the office. The environment is both inviting and relaxing, with soft surfaces to sit or recline, and soft blankets for cozying.
The session itself was a blend of relaxation techniques and empowering suggestions, set to soft, calming music and guided by Emily. Her thorough approach and well-planned session made it clear that the she had taken time to focus on my specific needs and concerns.

Since my sessions, I'm not as anxious, and I'm feeling more self assured and comfortable in my own skin.  I couldn't be happier with the beneficial effects of  my sessions with Emily. Her dedication to understanding my needs, thoughtful approach and effective techniques have truly made a positive impact on my life.

Cheryl Heller

Recently I was diagnosed with a low grade endometrial cancer. I am only 38, healthy and full of life so this came as a shock. It was really important that I gather my thoughts and focus on healing. As a woman, I also had to advocate for my health. Then Emily showed up in my life and she helped give me strength with her profound expertise and also complete empathy and passion for women's health. I found someone who looks outside the "standard of care" for women. Someone who goes above and beyond. Someone who helps you effortlessly find the strength within you to not only heal, but become the most healthiest version of yourself.

Alixandra Kupcik

For as long as I can remember, natural healing/remedies/foods have been a part of my life. My maternal grandmother was a naturalist with regard to food and healing. My mother is a chiropractor who practices only applied kinesiology/energy and nutritional techniques. I practice TM. That said, I had never been formally introduced to clinical hypnosis until I met Emily.
Emily and I discussed the theory(s), science and the physical/mental impacts of clinical hypnosis. We then formulated a living plan of action to address the experiences of my life that I want to improve and grow. We also addressed the portions of my life that I want to shed. 
My experience has been tremendous. Emily is always well-prepared and focused. She listens. I feel wholly comfortable and safe during our sessions, but more importantly, I am feeling and identifying improvements to daily life.
Thank you Emily M!


Get in Touch

Clinical Hypnosis & Healing Arts for Women is located in Houston, Texas in the heart of beautiful East Montrose.

We offer in person and remote sessions via Zoom

Head to our Contact page to start your journey toward a deeper healing

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