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Clinical Hypnosis & Healing Arts For Women prides itself on having a one on one, personable approach with each client. For this reason, Emily requires all initial points of contact to include a quick questionnaire below. Emily will do her best to respond within 24 hours. Your wellbeing is her priority. For this reason, no information will ever be stored in some computer for multiple personnel to access. Emily personally reads all your responses with care and consideration.

Thank you for your interest in Clinical Hypnosis & Healing Arts For Women.

Please note: For your physical and emotional comfort during your sessions, feel free to wear comfortable and nurturing clothing. Bringing a favorite non-alcoholic/non-caffeinated beverage, blanket, and pillow to your session is encouraged and welcomed. For Zoom sessions, please create a comfortable setting for yourself with a pillow for under your head and one for beneath your knees. Adjust the lighting in the room to enhance your relaxed state and silence all notifications on devices. Soft lighting and a cool, comfortable temperature are encouraged. Please make sure all physical needs are met before our sessions, such as using the restroom.


Important: Please do have your laptop or tablet connected to your charger or fully charged.


Contact lens wearers: during hypnosis, your eyes could be closed for up to least 45 minutes. If your contacts will cause eye irritation, please remember to bring a lens holder/ solution to remove them.

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Thank you for your time. Emily will be in touch soon.

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