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Hello and welcome! I'm Emily Medley, your friendly guide on a journey through women's health, healing, and the fascinating blend of Eastern and Western medicine. As a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, I wear many hats – wife, mother, friend, and a true change agent in the realm of healthcare.

Emily Medley of Clinical Hypnosis & Healing Arts For Women
Emily Medley, a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Owner, and Founder of Clinical Hypnosis & Healing Arts For Women

Join me as we explore the evolution of women's health since the advent of COVID-19 and delve into the unique approach of Clinical Hypnosis & Healing Arts for Women. Let's unravel the story behind why this practice came into being and discover the magic that happens when Eastern and Western medicine dance together.


I'm Emily Medley, a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a passion for women's health, menopause, and clinical hypnosis. I consider myself fortunate and blessed to have been mentored by some of the most beautiful medical minds in the world; doctors, nurses, surgical techs, unit secretaries, hospital janitors, and many beautiful patients…each soul I’ve encountered in my career as a nurse has taught me, molded me, shaped me, and informed my ethos.

In my various roles throughout my tenure as a nurse, my purpose has been clear: I seem to arrive, diagnose, make positive changes, and then move on. In some ways, I feel like a medical Mary Poppins, bringing improvement wherever needed.

As a fierce advocate for women's health, I'm involved in supporting safe access to reproductive procedures. I'm also part of "Mama Bears," advocating for LGBTQ rights due to personal connections.

I advocate for healthcare equality, health literacy, and addressing systemic racism. As a breastfeeding enthusiast, I also believe "fed is best." Beyond my medical interests, I'm deeply immersed in arts, theatre, and literature.

Known as a true change agent, I am an Enneagram 4, a perfectionist, a justice seeker, and a truth-teller. I cherish my role as a best friend to many and equally cherish my role as perhaps a challenging force for those who oppose positive change. Lastly, I'm proud to be a published author, sharing insights to raise hard conversations that ultimately inspire and heal.

A family photo at dinner
Emily Medley, a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, wife, mother, and friend


I'm launching this practice because I believe that women in menopause deserve better.

I have come to notice that in traditional American medicine, women over 50 have specifically become invisible. This invisibility is heightened by issues of systemic racism, healthcare disparities, patriarchy, and straightforward lack of knowledge.

The topic of menopause seems to carry with it a shroud of mystery and misinformation, and women tend to get punted around during this time in their lives like an unwanted football, leading to not only misery but shorter lives for women. I'm committed to changing this invisibility, addressing the significant knowledge gap in menopause, and helping women to lead longer happier lives.

This practice is designed to be a very collaborative and wonderful experience for a participative clientele, blending beautiful healing medical arts with medical science for a holistic mind, body, and spirit connection. I sought the freedom to provide optimal care and am thrilled to be embarking on this new journey. The archaic standard of care surrounding menopause is astounding, and I'm here to change that narrative.


Extensive experience. Since the start of my nursing practice in 2008, I've intuitively, and seamlessly blended Eastern and Western medicine concepts. As a new nurse, I incorporated pressure points, breathing techniques, self-guided imagery, and aromatherapy into patient care, even before my current training.

As a Nurse Practitioner, I continue to integrate Eastern and Western approaches because I truly believe in them. I incorporate energy meridians, earth, wind, and fire concepts, medicinal teas, herbs, and oils alongside Western medications to enhance immunity. Practices like self-hypnosis, guided trance, meditation, and soul ushering have been intuitive tools that I have used throughout my career, and that will not change. The fusion of these approaches has been integral to my healing philosophy. I do not engage in quackery, and all of my practices are those that I have either experienced benefit from myself or that are firmly rooted in evidence-based research. That said, I believe there is much to learn about the human biofield, eugenics, and energy healing, and I’m thrilled to be practicing on the cusp of that. As we learn more and our vocabulary changes, I hope to be thought of as a pioneer.


The word, “holistic” is thrown around a lot these days, almost as much as the football I mentioned above. But by blending Eastern and Western medicine and keeping an open dialogue about the intuitions of each woman and what she feels is her unique healing path, we do certainly achieve a holistic approach. Together, we emphasize energy balance and overall well-being. This integration allows for a personalized treatment plan that considers women's patterns of disharmony in the mind, body, and heart. It addresses underlying imbalances, often deeply embedded in the subconscious and cellular levels through generational trauma and patterns. This approach emphasizes prevention, and patient autonomy, and recognizes the profound connection between emotional and physical health. It encourages women to trust their own intuitive guidance for optimal well-being.


Since Covid-19, our healthcare systems swiftly transitioned from analogue to digital, greatly enhancing patient education and access to telemedicine. This shift particularly benefits rural areas, reducing healthcare disparities due to geographical distance, and I was thrilled to see this change taking place.

However, challenges also arose in women's reproductive healthcare during the pandemic, impacting contraception, prenatal care, and safe abortions, leading to increased anxiety. Mental health was profoundly affected, especially for women juggling caregiving, job loss, and social isolation. Gender-based violence surged, endangering women and children. Limited childcare options disproportionately affected women, overwhelming an already strained healthcare system.

Healthcare disparities for women of color were highlighted, especially concerning testing and treatment access based on socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity. There were so many things that grieved me to see during this tumultuous time in our world, but hearing of the separation of mothers and newborns in hospitals due to Covid-related or testing policies was a most distressing consequence, and I believe it will have long-term psychological effects to our city, our state, our country, and our world. The babies and mothers who were separated during this crucial time of bonding will benefit from energy healing and birth trauma work, and I hope to be a part of that work. Despite the challenges, the pandemic shed light on areas where improvements can be made to better serve women's health, and I do believe those changes are truly taking place.

And there you have it – a glimpse into my world and the philosophy driving Clinical Hypnosis and Healing Arts for Women. From navigating the challenges brought by the pandemic to integrating the best of both medical worlds, we're on a mission to redefine women's health.

As we stride forward, blending concepts of energy healing arts with medical science, we embrace the potential of the holistic mind, body, and spirit connection. Together, let’s set a new standard in healthcare. Join me in this exciting journey towards longer, happier lives for women everywhere.

For more insights and healing, check out Together, let's embrace the power of change and healing…one woman at a time. When grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, friends, and daughters decide to heal themselves…the entire world follows suit.

Generations of healing take place because we heal now…and whatever road you are walking down now…I look forward to walking alongside you.



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