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Unlocking the Knowledge Within

At Clinical Hypnosis and Healing Arts for Women, we're thrilled to guide you on a journey toward self-discovery and empowerment through hypnosis. If you are wondering how to prepare for this helpful experience, remember, we are here to fully support you. Here's your delightful guide to prepping for your hypnotic trance that will leave you feeling secure, ready, and informed.

Embrace the Curiosity of Clinical Hypnosis:

First things first, let's demystify clinical hypnosis a bit more. In previous blogs, we debunked the myth that hypnosis is some sort of mind control. Remember, it’s always collaborative! And it's also important to know that clinical hypnosis is not a pocket watch swingin' in front of your eyes. Instead, think of it as an insightful and enjoyable voyage into your subconscious, which is where beliefs and behavior patterns are formed and stored.

Did you know that people who are curious and ready for change have the best outcomes with clinical hypnosis? So, embrace the mystery of the art and science behind hypnosis, and you're halfway there!

Getting mentally and physically ready:

There is a rule I was taught as a young nursing student that I’ve never forgotten. My mentors and senior nurses said, “You can’t teach someone something or give someone instructions if they are shivering, cold, or hungry.” The same goes for clinical hypnosis.

So, what do you need to do to get ready?

Not much! Some helpful hints would be to avoid caffeine for a few hours before your trance as it may make it more difficult to relax. Having a light meal in lieu of a heavy one is a great idea so that your body isn’t spending all its energy on digestion, and instead can pay more attention to messages of slowing down. You’ll be given a chance to empty your bladder before your session begins, and you will have a choice of where to sit during your trance, whether upright, reclining, or lying down. Your comfort and safety are always Emily’s top priorities.

Mentally, you do not need to do anything at all to prepare for your trance except to be open and curious. Almost from the moment we begin, your critical mind will be bypassed, and the subconscious mind will take the stage, and all the work will be done for you BY you.

The answers are already within you; they just need to be accessed.

Never underestimate the power of your own subconscious mind, and how much it wants to help you!

Communicate Like Friends. Like BEST friends:

Communication is the secret sauce. Share your thoughts, dreams, and any concerns with our skilled practitioner, Emily Medley. There is never any judgment, and she is always here for you. It's a conversation, not a monologue. The more Emily knows the better she can tailor your session for maximum wellness.

Psst…Did you know that Emily offers a 20-minute free consultation? You can contact her today to get the conversation started. This isn’t your regular “white coat Dr consult.” Think of this consultation as a conversation with a dear friend who wants the best for you. Emily always makes sure the right hand is talking to the left hand, working alongside any other health practitioners you may have. With her expertise and experience, she will always assess every potential client’s wellness goal to ensure she can provide the most beneficial treatment plan for you.

Cue the Questions – Ask Away!

Do you have burning questions? Fire away! Whether it's your time to embark on hypnosis or you’ve experienced its’ benefits before, curiosity is welcome. Clinical Hypnosis and Healing Arts for Women is here to empower you with knowledge and ensure you're well-versed in what your treatment entails.

Dress for Success – Comfort is Key:

Wear your comfiest attire – we're talking cozy socks, leggings, or your favorite loungewear. Our office has clean, cozy, blankets and pillows, but feel free to bring any comfort items along. The more comfortable you are, the easier it is to waltz into the world of clinical hypnosis.

Psst…if you wear contacts don’t forget to take them out before your session. It’s important to have zero distractions, including anything that may irritate your eyes.

Set Intentions with Affirmations:

Before each session, Emily will already be well informed of your goals as shared during your intake process and phone consultation. Before each client, Emily will energetically cleanse and sterilize the space with various incense or essential oils, protective and healing wood, and herbs like Palo Santo and Sage. She will have spent time in prayer and meditation over your own specific case and with her own process of the setting of her own intentions for you.

Before your session, you and Emily will discuss any last-minute questions you may have and together, you and Emily will set intentions once again for the session together. The process of setting intentions is a powerful and therapeutic tool that creates a proactive, protective, energetically pure, and serious environment for the subconscious work that will take place during your trance.

Conclude with Rest and Gentle Self-Care:

Hypnosis opens the door to the subconscious mind, inviting profound potential for healing and growth. However, it is during the post hypnotic period that the mind continues to process and assimilate the positive suggestions and insights received during the session. After your session concludes, it may be normal to feel a little extra tired or even a little out of sorts for a few days. That’s normal and doesn’t mean anything is wrong. The insights you receive during your hypnotic trance may reveal themselves to you immediately, in minutes, in the following days, or even while you sleep, so it’s important to allow yourself some quiet moments to nurture yourself and allow for the integration of your experience. Prioritizing rest after your session will allow for deeper and more sustainable transformation.

Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you.

We hope you enjoyed your guide on how to prepare for your clinical hypnosis session. Here at Clinical Hypnosis and Healing Arts for Women, we believe every woman intuitively holds the key to her own health and vitality. We look forward to partnering with you as you embrace your inner strength and voice, nurture your own wellbeing, and plant the seeds of your own inner transformation. YOU hold these powerful seeds of a beautiful, transformative garden within, and we cannot wait to work alongside you and watch them blossom and grow.🌟💫


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