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Welcome to Clinical Hypnosis and Healing Arts for Women, where our mission is to guide you on a transformative journey towards mindful weight loss. I'm Emily Medley, the founder and owner, and I am delighted to be your guide on this path to rejuvenation. Join us in exploring our offerings at—a space thoughtfully curated for women seeking a holistic approach to wellness.

Clinical Hypnosis: Empowerment Tailored to You:

In the realm of clinical hypnosis, let's set aside the stereotypical images and embrace a personalized empowerment experience. Your sessions with me, Emily Medley, unfold as intimate conversations with your inner self. Together, we navigate through patterns that might be hindering your wellness journey—be it emotional eating, persistent cravings, or a desire for a profound mindset shift. Consider this a unique roadmap to a healthier, empowered version of yourself.

Reiki: Harmonizing Mind, Body, and Spirit:

Moving beyond the conventional spa experience, our Reiki sessions are crafted to perceive you as a harmonious blend of mind, body, and spirit. These sessions aim to align and balance your energy centers, providing a nurturing balm for your soul. In the embrace of Reiki, find profound relaxation amid the stresses of daily life. It’s not merely a service; it's an intentional embrace of tranquillity supporting your holistic well-being.

Metaphysical Healing: A Unique Path to Weight Loss Wellness:

Embracing the realm of Metaphysical Healing, we redefine our approach as a transformative journey between the tangible and the ethereal. As a Professional Metaphysical Practitioner, I hold a special role in guiding individuals towards spiritual mind healing. My training from The University of Sedona, combined with my background as a Nurse Practitioner, allows for a nuanced understanding of metaphysics, addressing the origins of maladies.

Weight Loss Through Metaphysical Treatment:

Within our Metaphysical Treatment, weight loss becomes a mindful and holistic endeavor. We recognize that the journey to a healthier weight involves not only physical aspects but also the intricate connection of the mind and spirit. Using prayer, light trance clinical hypnosis, and meditation, we create a space for introspection, helping you unveil the emotional and spiritual layers linked to your weight.

Through affirmations, guided meditation sessions, and discussions about ancestral patterns, trauma, survival, forgiveness, and release, your transformative journey extends beyond the physical realm. It encompasses a profound understanding of your relationship with food, self-image, and the spiritual elements contributing to your weight management.

Synthesizing Medical and Metaphysical Treatment:

At Clinical Hypnosis and Healing Arts for Women, we emphasize that medical treatment is a personal choice. We believe in the synergy of both methods, allowing treatments to complement one another. While medical treatments have their place in setting the stage for Natural Healing Forces and The Perfect Laws of Nature, metaphysical treatments act as catalysts towards holistic well-being, including mindful weight loss.

Metaphysical treatments do not replace Western modalities; instead, they harmonize with medication, surgery, psychotherapy, and other treatments. There is no conflict—our aim is to help you synthesize your own inner tools for healing, whatever that may look like for you.

Female Hormones and Weight Loss:

Understanding the pivotal role women's hormones play in metabolism, we craft a unique weight loss program for each individual woman, regardless of the life phase she's in. At Clinical Hypnosis and Healing Arts for Women, Emily nurtures and addresses women's hormones to maximize their weight loss journey. Our approach acknowledges the importance of hormonal balance in achieving sustainable wellness.

Explore how this holistic fusion can amplify your weight loss journey and general health. Together, let's unlock the doors to radiant wellness—a beautiful journey awaits you.

Ready to embark on your personalized wellness journey? Visit Clinical Hypnosis and Healing Arts for Women. Let's start your transformative experience today!


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